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A truly inspirational story how to overcome challenges to succeed beyond your dreams.  A must read for anyone who aspires to improve and make a difference.

Inspirational Speaker

Hobie is your sports icon ideal for leadership training.  His principles taken from his life and times in his book "Challenge: How to succeed beyond your dreams" are more than entertaining.  They are inspirational to learn how to overcome obstacles and succeed.  He has spoken to groups in over 21 countries and all over the United States.  His fees are negotiable.  

Corporate Leader

Hobie has demonstrated a proven system of leadership to improve performance in less time.  His fee is negotiable, and he will make a difference in your team or organization.

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My Greatest Honor

My Greatest Honor

This is a reprint of the last chapter in Hobie’s

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If you're a serious diver or coach, buy Hobie's books and get fast results!