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This is the story of Hobie Billingsley who became the world’s greatest springboard diving coach in history.

He is noted for his simple philosophy – CHALLENGE!

Within all of us is a purpose to be discovered.  But to reach greatness and full potential requires challenge – to keep getting better at what you choose to do.

Every diver who walked through the doors to the Indiana University diving programs whether a summer camp or the collegiate men’s or women’s teams were constantly challenged to learn, and go above and beyond what they thought they were capable of doing.  And many became champions in the Big Ten Conference, NCAA, AAU, Pan American Games, and The Olympic Games.

Because Hobie touched so many lives we all have become champions in our chosen avocations beyond the diving world, and continue to celebrate the effect he has had on our lives.  And from each of us there is profound debt of gratitude.  He is more than a coach, father figure, friend, and confidant. He is also a splendid leader, author, and speaker!

CHALLENGE :  How to succeed beyond your dreams

will be published in the Spring 2017.  This is an entertaining, moving, and inspiring story of Hobie, in his own words, who overcame insurmountable odds to become a champion diver, entertainer, speaker, author, leader, innovator, teacher and coach.  I would not be surprised if his story became a “made for TV movie” of his life to inspire many more.

If you read and liked the book “Unbroken” or “Seabiscuit” then this is a must read for you if you aspire to be the best you can be.

Hobie Billingsley Career Highlights
On a plaque with his bronze bust in Indiana University Hall of Fame 

  • First high school male diver to medal in a senior national diving championship, 1944
  • Big Ten and NCAA springboard diving champion, 1945
  • First collegiate diver to be four-time All-American, 1945-1950 at Ohio State
  • First diving coach to use a trampoline as a teaching aid, 1956
  • Coached divers that won 132 Big Ten, NCAA, National, Pan American, Olympic and World Championships
  • National Chairman for women divers, 1966-70
  • Founder of World Diving Coaches Association, 1968
  • Founder of American Professional Diving Coaches Association, 1971
  • Olympic Diving Coach five times, Olympic Diving Judge three times
  • National Diving Coach of the Year seven straight years and first recipient of NCAA Diving Coach of the Year, 1968
  • Wrote three books on diving that have been used worldwide, and gave diving clinics/lectures in 15 different countries
  • Only diving coach ever to give Oath for the Officials in the Olympic Games, 1996, Atlanta, GA
  • Founder of the National and International Diving Judges, 2004