There will many photos in his autobiography.  But if have a photo you’d like to share, send it to me
and I will add it to this group.  Please include a caption, names, time period or event where taken, etc.
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Hobie challenging you!                                                           Hobie in top form


Hobie’s bust and awards IU Hall of Fame                         Hobie in clown costume for shows


Hobie clown show photo 1                                                 Hobie clown show photo 2


Scaffold trampolet for clown shows                                   Hobie coaching tower divers


Hobie on deck at camp                                                   Former diver Jim Everroad and Hobie


Dr. Pete Andersen, publisher with Hobie                          Dick Kimball and John Walker


Rick Gilbert, Hobie’s first National Champion                Leslie Bush, ’64 Olympic Gold medal tower


Can you name these greats from the past?                  Great coaches all…


More great divers. Who are they?                                Gathered at Hobie’s 80th