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Hobie is the author of two books on diving and more recently published his autobiography.  There is also a DVD about Hobie and his camps.

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Retail price is $29.95.  Paperback    378 pages 7 x 10 cut size.

Challenge: How to Succeed Beyond Your Dreams just published, May 24, 2017.  Makes a nice gift to yourself or others – not only divers or coaches. A great read!

This is the autobiography of Hobie Billingsley, the world’s greatest diving coach in the history of the sport.  An emotional heartwarming story of overcoming challenges growing up with a single parent mother in the depression to become a sports icon coaching Olympic champions!  A history of the sport for the last 60 years.  A must read for anyone to be inspired to overcome challenges and learn how to succeed beyond their dreams.  Ideal for all ages and all avocations.

Retail Price $ 29.95   Paperback 327 pages, 7 x 10 cut size.

Competitive Diving – The complete guide for coaches, divers, judges 2018.  This covers the entire sport’s FAQ’s from Introduction, Evaluation, Divers, Coaches, Facilities, Teaching Aids, Mechanical Principles, Analysis of Dives, Safety Awareness, Communication, Competition, and Judging.

This is a must have book for any serious diving coach or competitor carefully crafted and written by Hobie who is regarded as the World’s Greatest Diving Coach in the history of the sport.

Retails $29.95 Paperback 317 pages  7 x 10 cut size. 

Diving Illustrated by Hobie Billingsley.  First printed 1965.   Revised edition 2018.   Graphically illustrated drawings of dive sequences with brief explanations how to perform 134 Dives: 1 meter, 3 meter, and Platform.  All dives are in groups for forward, backward, inward, reverse, and twisting for easy access.  Written by the Master with all his experience to help you coach or learn dives by shortening your learning curve.  Take advantage of Hobie’s experience to save you your time and money in the long run.

A must for any serious diver, coach, or parent of a diver.  Makes a nice gift to your diver because the visual drawings and explanations offer concise methods and cues to perform each dive.

Retails for $24.95.  DVD color; viewing time 29 minutes + extras.

This is the 25th Anniversary Edition of the Hobie’s Heroes multi-award winning documentary film made by Steve Montgomery and first published in 1980. This DVD is 29+ minutes, and documents the challenges facing young divers attending Hobie’s diving camps.  The movie illuminates themes of challenge, competition, loyalty, faith, and courage as a group of young divers ages 12-17 strive to improve their skills under the guidance of famed Olympic diving coach, Hobie Billingsley.  With toughness and humor, Hobie inspires the divers to meet a challenge with every ounce of their determination.  As the young athletes attempt difficult dives for the first time to learn a full list from the 3 meter board in only one week, we emphasize with their fears and the pressures they face, and we cheer their triumphs.

This makes a great gift to any competitive diver of any age who is faced with diving challenges learning new dives at any age.  This film will move you and inspire you.   It’s emotional and heartwarming.  You will be entertained and learn more about the sport from the eyes of young divers coaches by the legend, Hobie.