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7 X 10 301 pages. $17.95 

Top coaching strategies to learn and perform 134 dives.  If you are a serious coach or diver, you must have this in your library. Profit from Hobie’s experience producing 132 National Champions! This is truly the science of competitive diving. Hobie’s application of physics that are not well understood are explained in great detail how to perform every dive. The dives are grouped in categories: Forward, backward, reverse, inward, twisting, and concludes with tower diving. Illustrated dive sequences are labeled with numbers. On the opposite page, Hobie, clearly defines what method or cue the diver/coach must be attending to improve learning to perform that dive. The benefit is his book eliminates the guessing game what and when to execute  in the dive.

 7 x 10 326 pages $17.95   

How to form and/or improve your competitive diving program by Hobie – The World’s Greatest Diving Coach.

Hobie produced 132 National Champions and explains in detail how to start and improve any diving program.  This timeless quality information every serious coach, diver, or judge must have in their library to improve performance in less time! 


7 x 10 375 pages $17.95  

Challenge is the autobiography of Hobie Billinsgley from early childhood to competitive diver and fantastic coaching career.  The book also covers the history of diving.  It’s a page turner – very entertaining – humorous and serious for all the hardships he had to overcome to be a great success.  If you were a diver you may be mentioned in his book.  To be a success in any sport or aspect of life read The Challenge.  You will be inspired.