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My Greatest Honor

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This is a reprint of the last chapter in Hobie’s autobiography “Challenge: How to succeed beyond your dreams”

Life is a journey with its own set of challenges.  There are fears to overcome.  To be a success beyond your dreams requires a strong faith and belief that you are unique, and God has a purpose for you to achieve.

Therefore, do not be a quitter.  Face your challenges and become what you dream.  Then pass on what you have learned to help others achieve their dreams.  That honor is greater than any financial compensation you could ever receive.

I cared for and loved all of you whom I coached and taught. I was tough at times to get you to break through barriers to see the results of your hard work.  Each one of you taught me how to coach, and keep improving my skills.  Often, it’s not what you know, but how you impart your wisdom and knowledge that makes the difference between winning and losing. 

I wish you all continued success in the pursuit of your dreams.  Take the challenge and hold it up like a torch to light up your path, and you will find your way.


Hobie Billingsley